Norman Carlton Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Norman Carlton

Norman started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at age 5 in his home country of Brazil. At age 8 he started competing and training with a serious passion. He has competed in over 100 BJJ matches, won 10 state titles, 1 Brazilian national title and 1 Pan-American title. At 18 years old he started training Mixed Martial Arts. He has a perfect amateur record and a professional record of 6-2. In addition, Norman has been training Boxing since age 15 and has multiple bouts under his resume. Norman says the vibe and atmosphere in the kids classes is amazing. He admires their energy, innocence and pure hearts. He describes his enjoyment at watching his students grow and it helps motivate him to do more. He loves being a leader and being an influential part of their lives is very dear to his heart.

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